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Granite aggregate processing machine for sale

Granite stone production line, Sand Washing And Screening Machines for granite aggregate, mainly in the gravel, but according to different customers for the stone size requirements of different possible configuration scheme is also different, but simply to everyone for example: 1, if the request is not high granite stone production line: jaw crusher (one or more tables, a broken is thick broken). 2, if the aggregate fineness have higher requirements of granite at production line: jaw crusher (thick broken) +impact crusher (fine crushing, and stone plastic effect). 3, if the granite stones fineness, particle type is more strict: jaw crusher +impact crusher+ cone crusher(fine broken).

Of course we production Sand Screening Machine South Africa line is to be configured according to the specific situation. Crushers for granite aggregate and equipment type selection are as long as the understanding of the customer”s specific circumstances can we better recommendation production line configuration for a customer. Granite has many uses, the main raw materials used for building decoration, and other uses, but a good granite at production line how to configure? Granite, granite good crusher performance advantage is what? If you want to learn more about granite, granite crusher and granite stone production line can contact us.

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Sand production line per 130 square export

Raw material for River gravel of about 500mm. Venues for the ping sites. Transformer capacity to 500KVA. Selection of equipment is equipped with the following: (1) vibrating feeder 2060 is 2 meters long, 6 meters wide and power of electric motor 37kw. Principle of eccentric block. (2) rough selection is 750×1060 Jaw Crusher. Maximum feed is 630mm, the discharge opening adjustment for 120mm. Output per hour: 120-140 cubic meters. Motor power of 90kw. Choose State famous, inspection-free products. (3) materials are River pebbles, quite hard, in view of this situation, choose the hard sand and sand maker or third-generation, (had 2 cavities, a crusher, and a crushing Chamber. Hammers break, made of high-chromium alloy). High rate of sand, sand-grained, cube-like, acicular, flake rarely. Equipped with a power of 280 kW. (4) screening using a 2060 screening machine. Dynamic 37kw. (5) the sand soil, taking into account the transport, the sand washing machine is equipped with a diameter of 3400.

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