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Gift or Curse by Nina Hilario

This is an addition to this sub-chapter Gift or Curse by Stephen T. Jones

life is a gift to be opened or a problem to be solved… i don’t know about y’all but i love opening PRESENTS! lol
…and i see them as presents with my PRESENCE.

thanks for sharing this Stephen.

also, the part about communicating with the leukemia or “holodyne” (a living, conscious being, in this case, the cancer) comes from Dr. Vern Woolf with the understanding of holodynamics. many, many people have cured their own “in-curable” illnesses through maturing an “immature holodyne” …by finding a way to work together with it instead of fight against it.

we’re always trying to fight things. when i think of how violent some of the (micro) viruses are that can attack the human body, i wonder how different it is from the physical manifestation of bloodshed of humans killing other humans, missile and nuclear wars, etc (the macro version).

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so, what to let go? hmmm….what to let go… i’m letting go of the idea of fighting. letting go of a reactionary way of thinking that says, “oh, this is bad. must ignore it. must hate it. must condemn it. must kill it.” i mean, it sounds so primal, i hear myself sounding like a caveman, “ooga-booga. you try kill me. i kill you.” lol

so bring up the fight. show me that adversity.

i want to look it square in the eye. i want to say, “what is it that you want?” “i see that you’re here. you obviously showed up in my life for a reason. let’s talk. let’s see what i’m here to learn from you being here (you cancer, you annoying relative, you intimidating boss, you pimple on my forehead, you depressed or insecure thought, you no money to pay for that expensive jacket etc, etc.)…

ohhhhh! and i see now. you ARE a gift! and i’m grateful for my Presents. and damn. i’m grateful for this Presence.”

Nina Hilario, Magical Wellness Fairy

This was given to me by Nina she is a Inspirational Author and founder of Exquisite Care Massage and Wellness Co. To find out more about Nina and her team go to

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