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Galvanized Sheet Working Principle

If you want to buy PPGI corrugated roofing sheet, the first thing you need to know is what galvanized sheet is. What is the working principle of the galvanized sheet?

The working principle of the galvanized sheet is to coat the surface of steel sheet with zinc metal. Its purpose is to protect the surface of steel plate from corrosion and to extend its service life. Now the galvanized steel sheet on the market is more and more widely used, and then there are many people on the galvanized steel sheet to use what size and thickness are not very clear.

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Because the steel plate is basically flat, its general shape is mostly rectangular. This shape is easy to make and can be directly rolled or sheared by wide strips. The high quality color corrugated steel sheet on the market can be divided into three types according to thickness: if the thickness of the steel plate is less than four millimeters, the thinnest steel plate can reach zero points two millimeters; the thickness of thick steel plate is between four millimeters and sixty millimeters; and the thickness of extra-thick steel plate is between sixty millimeters and one hundred and fifteen millimeters.

With the continuous development and improvement of raw materials, galvanized sheets also have more and more types of raw materials. There are roughly the following kinds: ordinary steel, high-quality steel, alloy steel, spring steel, bearing steel, silicon steel, industrial pure iron steel. Ordinary steel is made of ordinary steel. High-quality steel is based on the use of ordinary steel materials to add rare metals so that the quality and performance of steel plate has been greatly improved. However, alloy steels are made from a variety of metals, and their functions and properties are similar to those of products made from synthetic metals.

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