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Functions of Galvanized Steel Coil

1. Mechanical function

The hot sale prepainted color galvanized coil needs to be formed when it is used, so it is required to have not only certain strength, but also outstanding deep drawing function. This requirement can not be met by in-line annealing of low-carbon steel plate produced by Sendzimir process. However, for goods normally processed by mild deep drawing, the method of reducing the speed of steel strip operation can be used.

2. Corrosion resistance

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The low cost PPGI prepainted galvanized steel coil has excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance. This is because the potential of zinc is lower than that of iron. The zinc layer is positive for steel matrix and negative for iron. In the electrolyte, the zinc layer dissolves to maintain the steel matrix from corrosion; moreover, in the usual atmospheric environment, the corrosion product of zinc layer is usually basic zinc carbonate, which has a certain maintenance effect on the zinc layer. However, in the industrial atmosphere containing sulphur, the corrosion product is zinc sulfate which is soluble in water and is easily washed away by rainwater, which can not prevent further corrosion of zinc layer. Therefore, in the industrial atmosphere, the corrosion of zinc layer is faster.

3. Welding function

Hot sale prepainted color galvanized coil has excellent weldability and can be spot and seam welded. In spot welding, the welding strength is close to that of low carbon steel. But the welding current should be increased by 10%-15%.

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