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Free sample cutting disc material use?

The development of free sample cutting disc requires continuous technical or material updates to better meet the needs of users and the market. How can the material of the equipment keep up with the needs of users? Today, the Aurora Abrasives will introduce you to the use of the material of the cutting disc.

Free sample cutting disc in the manufacture of ultra-thin cutting discs by photo-curing resin method, China has successfully developed ultra-thin diamond cutting wheels with a thickness of 0.15mm by using photocurable resin as a bonding agent and successfully completed the monocrystalline silicon wafer. Cutting test.

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At present, with the advancement of technology, photocuring has gradually begun to replace thermal curing. It can also be seen from the above that the photocurable resin method has many advantages over the thermosetting resin method, which is why it gradually replaces the thermosetting resin method.

Only better technology and materials can make the cutting disc stand out in today’s fiercely competitive environment, so manufacturers need to constantly improve and update it to keep up with the trend of market development.


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