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Finding the need by Reuben Lowing

“Find a need and fill it”, have you ever heard that before?  There is so much knowledge in that concept.  It should be “Find the void and get yourself in the path of the flow and you’ll prosper!”  I can think of so many times when I was able to do just that.  The Platoons wanted to jump; I found aircraft and scenarios and made the jumps happen.  I increased my value by filling the void.  When I stumbled into the Logan flips and the floodgates opened up for me.  Now I see situations where a vacuum is existing and how it is getting filled.  The trick is to find a way to capitalize on such situations.

It amazes me how seeing these voids lining up, it takes a while before everyone else sees them.  It takes a little bit of tenacity to stick to your guns until your vision becomes evident.  Sometimes there is nothing you can do to lay the path, spell it out or present evidence to make your case and what really needs to happen is that they have to figure it out for themselves.  That is where the wisdom of Roy Jones Sr. keeps haunting me “When you learn lessons the hard way, they stay with you’re the rest of your life but it’s too late to benefit from the lesson because the mistake has already been made.  All you can do is teach those lessons to somebody else.  The best thing to do is learn from someone else’s mistake.”

The challenge is merging these two understandings, finding the vacuum needing to be filled and learning lessons of other’s experiences, how do you put them together?  It’s relationships that make them work.  Then you must define relationships: I relationship happens when you are exposed to someone long enough to become aware or their habits and tendencies, the value in a relationship happens when you care enough about that person where you figure out what that person wants and how to give it to them.  It is remarkable once you understand this how productive a relationship can become.

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I’ve been known to say “The only things I miss about the SEAL Teams is the ability to get 16 guys all focused on the same thing, at the same time making it happen.” As a SEAL we spent so much time together we actually learn to know what each other are thinking without saying a word.  I now understand why marriages have such a difficult time surviving in that community.  It is nearly impossible for a couple to establish the kind of interdependence the guys develop amongst each other and few women are willing to go subject themselves to what the men of the SEAL Teams are willing to go through with each other.  It takes an incredible commitment but once you’ve managed to make this kind of connection with someone, it lasts for eternity!  That is when you will be able to share each others experiences and figure out how to place the team in a place to take advantage of any void or vacuum that arises.

Reuben, grew up in Michigan on the farm, worked really hard, joined the Navy to Box, learned Advanced Electronics and that I didn’t want to do that the rest of my life, Trained under Roy Jones Sr. with Roy Jones Jr., Vince Phillips, Arthur Williams, Derrick Gainer, Shawn Fletcher, Julian Wheeler and Lemul Nelsen just to name a few. I spent 8.5 years as a Navy SEAL, served in the Persian Gulf in the summer of 1988, Panama and Just Cause, Decorated with Valor, Went to Sniper School, Free Fall Jump Master School, Spec-War Communications and designated Master Training Specialist. For more information check him out at

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