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The reasons I stopped playing baseball is there is just way to many rules. Just rules alone are okay but the fact that you have players on both teams, umpires, coaches and all the fans trying to uphold all the rules. Even though I hated that at the end of my playing days it is the reason that I love to watch baseball because everything is in play. If you think the game is played in between the lines than you haven’t seen a baseball game before. When I use to play I use to joke that I was a 6 tool player run, hit, hit for power, field and throw.  The reason why it was a joke is I made up the 6th tool kit is what I like to call B.A.L.L.S. which I believe is the most powerful of all.

  • BEST- Being is a constant flow of doing your best
  • ATTITUDE- Having an attitude that you can do anything without being a slave to statistics
  • LEVERAGE- Always playing the game in a downhill motion…expending the right amount of energy
  • LEADERSHIP- Leading by example less talk more action (I talked a lot but I also lead by example)
  • SPIRIT- Being able to transform your game with emotion not knowledge everybody in the stands and on the field know how to play the game.

This formula is the missing factor to winning, the truth is it rarely makes the box scores or the highlight reels but it does affect the bottom line. It is just the in your face make it happen cutting edge all natural performance enhancing IT that we are all looking for.

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Stephen T. Jones is a Visionary and Inspirational Speaker
that is really starting to find his artistic expression in the world.
He is a dreamer that loves to connect with water and waves while
taking time to build community ventures and corporate projects.

Writing a book with the world…If even one percent of the population —

or even just one percent of one percent — posted their ideas in one day,

you’d have enough information to fill a book with world solutions.

Mike Harder finds his artistic inspiration in his love of sports and pop culture. A lifelong athlete and product of the 80s, Harder’s style has been influenced by artist LeRoy Neiman. To find out more about Hardart go to

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