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Energy saving ball mill work process energy saving performance

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energy saving machinery industry in recent years, more and more of the market shout portable Crusher slogans as the largest mining machinery production base in the call for energy saving but also put it into practice, the advent of energy-saving ball mill is the best proof This paper we work to introduce the energy saving ball mill process energy saving performance.
energy saving ball mill is the first to achieve energy saving features of the new grinding equipment, it starts low current start time is short flexible start, the normal operating current drops 20% 30% to the energy-saving purposes. Energy saving than the ordinary type ball mill greatly reduced the original motor power is reduced capacity to enhance work efficiency to reduce reactive loss.
full use of surplus energy saving ball mill motor capacity and improve liner structure can improve production by 5% 7%, change the ball bearing rolling bearing not only large carrying capacity and long service life than the bearing life can be increased by 5 or more, reducing the mill main bearing the amount of maintenance, improve sanitary conditions no oil contamination. Energy saving ball mill using Ganyou Run slide series lose lubrication oil station facilities and power of the motor fuel to reduce the amount of 80% to 90% Vertical Roller Mill, the main ball bearing normal life 813 years. At the same time, this advanced equipment also reduces the ball bearing temperature due to excessive downtime and downtime caused by production cuts due to the main bearing bush-burning issue.
looked saving ball mill during operation of energy saving performance, you must have had a feeling of heart for this new device. So where can I buy such a good equipment? Zhengzhou City, Henan Province High-tech Development Zone, Road No. 8, sandalwood production of energy-saving ball mill has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, welcome friends to buy.

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