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Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce is the counterpart of marriage and it is phenomenon existent around the world. Depending on the traditions, society, social restrictions or freedom, religious beliefs and so on, the percentage of divorce rates many vary from one country to another. Divorce can very simply be seen as a mutual agreement to part their ways that the two partners take when they are unable to live together in a marriage.
The reasons for divorce could be many and every case according to divorce solicitors London should be treated on its own merits. Some of the major reasons could be financial security, extra marital affair, sexual and emotional abuse, restrictions to life a free life and many more. As every society is different from another, the way these reasons affect relationships also varies. General people see only 2 parties involved in a divorce process, the man and woman. But the equally affected 3rd party would be the children. It is important to see the whole process from the point of view of the children and how it affects them mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Following are a few observations.
Pre-divorce Conflict:
According to divorce solicitors London, every couple who comes to appeal for divorce would have gone through a lot of pre-divorce conflict. This basically involves arguments, fights, disputes, high emotional fights, verbal and physical abuse and ultimately walking out on each other. In a few cases this kind of conflicts really takes an ugly shape and sometimes could endanger lives too. Now if there is a child or children in the home when all this conflict takes place, imagine the enormous pressure and emotional tension they might be undergoing. This will surely affect their health physically and mentally.
Separation from one Parent:
Divorce means the children get to stay with one of the parents and the other parent gets to visit them according to the schedule the court decides. Now it should be understood that the divorce lawyers London try to ask for these visits according to the request of the parent with whom the children will be staying. But for children the intimacy with the other parent is lost. Many a times when father goes away, children hunger for that security and warmth. When mother leaves them, they are just clueless and suffer a great extent emotionally.
Lack of finances:
One of the greatest drawbacks of divorce is financial insecurity. The court makes sure that the children get the due maintenance from the earning parent according to the demands put forth by divorce solicitors London, but it will never be as much as that parent would have spent on them when they were together. On the other hand, the parent taking care of children is forced to work and take care of expenses. Things like costly shoes, sports gear, holidays and so on which were a part of the children’s regular life suddenly go out of reach.
Thus when 2 people get separated, they should keep the needs and requirements of their children in mind. Kids should not suffer because this one decision. They should remember that they are parents first and partners second. So it is their duty to fulfill all the responsibilities.

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