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Effect of sand quality on concrete performance analysis

in modern construction projects, the concrete structure occupies a very large proportion, has an important role in the safety, reliability and durability of the structure, it is essential therefore to control the quality of concrete Crusher Machine. In the production of ready-mixed concrete, the quality of raw materials is constantly changing, especially in volatile quality gravel, sand play due role in the concrete skeleton of concrete workability, strength and durability have very big impact.

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processed tailings sand mortar preparation, widely used, sand rocks are generally made of granite sand, river gravel, sandstone, limestone and so on according to different rock types have different intensities. National policies to promote the use of replacement of cement dry mortar site mixing, bulk cement used in the construction industry to become the first choice. Whether in dry mortar or ready-mixed concrete production, sand production equipment have become essential.

With the shortage of natural sand resources, stable quality, excellent performance, good particle size distribution, less the amount of sludge containing small gravel, sand and therefore affect the production of concrete and concrete have a significant effect. With the improvement of people’s understanding of concrete technology, particle size distribution, clay content of the concrete strength and economic relations more and more attention.

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