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From time to time, the act of going to the most unusual idea to mount audiovisual pyrotechnics, goes well. At other times, the nonsense falls into the wrong hands and what emerges is the very embodiment of fiasco. Rending of garments apart, with industry launched go from scraping pot, one can only cross himself and pray that more examples as the first occurrence, and the commission receives people with a dash of wit, sparkle or, finally, wave and attitude.

In the case of “pixels” which is responsible for the task is Chris Columbus, discrete type, known for directing their energies to make products every spectator; sometimes with respect for their intelligence and “The Goonies” (1985) -in which was screenwriter, although most of the time thinking they do not deserve more than lights and evasion, as evidenced faceless products which was behind as “Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief” (2010). But in his first film in five years, does not come alone, escorts him one of the most thankless names of the Hollywood circus: the never well weighted Adam Sandler. The result of one of the most unique views in meetings big studio productions, for shares of each other, what comes out is far from enjoyable or slightly entertaining.

The usual: carries the weft threads a guy who lives his lack of luck with joy (Sandler), Sam Brenner, a loser who goes through life screaming that went to work unwashed teeth. The surprise factor has a glorious past as Arcade video game player like Pacman and Donkey Kong, and his best friend is the US President (Kevin James). Result: to an alien invasion, starring the same characters in these games, but huge and destructive version, Brenner is urgent call to the White House. How are you seem invincible extra-planetary forces for the Army, the task of saving the world will fall to an unlikely team, made up of the same Brenner, a nerd literally out of nowhere (Josh Gad), a senior military assumed a role Key in the emergency (Michelle Monaghan) and, to complete the picture, Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage), child nemesis Brenner.

As an inevitable and unwanted billboard protagonist, Adam Sandler invade the halls each year, decided to crawl up their painful laziness films. Same stories, same characters, same comedic chops. Historically, deploying an uncanny ability to route all to the sublime nonsense. Forget that there is a director and writers, as other distinguished figures like Michael Bay or the latest Eddie Murphy, led by Sandler film always tends to give a similar dose. The only exception occurs when there is a director behind, not a mercenary located there for sympathetic or condescending. Or, what is the same, when his production company, Happy Madison, is not listed as tape backing. Indeed, the films of actor Paul Thomas Anderson, Thomas McCarthy and Jason Reitman, are away at least Sandler with his films, beyond the degree of success of each case.

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“Pixels” offers no hope in this regard: it has no respect behind director and has no more claim to be another tape Sandler . Atypical note outlines the disaster put the tenuous -always plot, never far from the popcorn – and again to share some of the spotlight with the other characters, as seen last year in ” Blended “. But beneath that lies the same kind of morality that has deployed the actor in all his movies. The same misfortune, the same lack of spark. There’s Adam Sandler with his shirt polo gangly walk, nasal voice and pathetic to involve females, dragging everything in its sleep-inducing land.

The idea of alien invasion is carried to ridiculous limits, but it does not come from the major drawback of the film. There is no loss in the analysis: give a damn that triggered the hatching out nonsense like that if the framework was consistent. The same output script, in fact, could have given rise to a delirious, biting or at least entertaining film. You have to imagine, for example, the initial idea in the hands of Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Would dawn.

Throughout the film, they are just burst moments that feel that the film flows, or work minimally. Key to that is a flojísimo script, which wasted an unbeatable element as the eighties nostalgia and a more than competent cast, where the only gainer is Kevin James, with its more tolerable role in years. Michelle Monaghan is greatly underutilized and Peter Dinklage, although it has a few funny moments, somehow it is also dam of the same. Josh Gad to incipient Please do not do the typical nerd character unbearable. And the proposed action does not improve anything: it is despicable, natural result of a script that cracks everywhere.

Download Pixels Movie

Download Pixels Movie

Download Pixels Movie

Download Pixels Movie

From that bleak picture, the idea is just a mugging. If Adam Sandler believable as the only savior of the world, the story would have been different. “A man saving the world from the attack of a giant Pacman” could have been the tagline of the film. In this scenario it has materialized, we would not be mourning the debut of a film like this, sister of all disasters Sandler in his twenty-year career. If someone waited for this rare partnership between Columbus and Sandler out some key “Ghostbusters” (1984), the bang will be tough. Even though there are one or two acceptable attempt to push up the tape ends up devoured by the sound stupid formula Sandler, who, despite coming ornate and receive some gifts undeserving actoral- -Dinklage is a prodigy, still as squalid as ever.

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