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Don’t worry about a thing by Stephen T. Jones aka Jedi Steve and Darin Johnson

This morning I was walking a crows were flying all around me to get my attention…as soon as I  asked myself,

What are these crows trying to tell me?

Right then three of the crows landed on a Telephone pole

right by me with a message…and it made me think of this Bob Marley song…

Don’t worry about a thing…

Moments later when I made it home…

I posted this story on facebook with the Bob Marley video which engage a powerful conversation with my new friend Darin Johnson and here are some of the highlights.

DarinI was listening to this on Pandora just a few minutes ago.”

Jedi Steve, “What would the bible tell us about the meaning of those crows?”

Darin “Where do I begin? This is one of Bob Marley‘s most inspired yet simple songs. I’m guessing you’re aware that most of Bob’s songs come from a biblical or spiritual connection. Before I respond, I’m more interested to hear what prompted your question, because art has a way of opening up an inner space that cannot be touched by mere words or concepts apart from presence. Care to share any impressions or intuitions?

Jedi Steve ‘Wow a questions with a question…most people would think of crows as a negative type of experience…For me crows represent dying to the moment…in the bible do crows ever symbolize something good?”

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Darin  Thanks, Steve. Your point of entry is important. I want to hear more about crows representing for you “dying to the moment.”

Darin “Back to the images of the song, I think Bob Marley is conveying some profound messages/images:
— Three is a symbol of completeness and the Trinity, which is about much more than religious doctrine. The Trinity is the law of three at work in all Being, as the creative dynamism of Affirming, Denying and Reconciling that gives rise to new forms of being rising out of death, evolution and transformation.
— Little is a reference to the humble incarnation of the universal divine precisely in the particular, impermanent, finite, mortal existence of everything. “The little ones” figure prominently in the prophets language of justice, mercy and compassion.
— Birds connote access to the wind, spirit, breath of God. They dwell between heaven and earth as a mediating presence of freedom and stillness in the midst of movement as they soar.”

— Jesus’ reference to ravens as thriving without anxiety: “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or about your body, what you will wear. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.” (Luke 12.22-23).

Jedi Steve: Yes Darin Johnson, you and Bob pretty much nailed it…the way I explain it is the symbolism of the cross. The Vertical part of the cross has to do with Spiritual or Heavenly connection…The Horizontal part has to do with materialism,Dogmas of humanity and the suffering of being in the world. For the 3rd aspect imagine for a moment a crow that has landed on the top of the cross this my friend is dying to the moment the wind of being in the world but not being of the world.

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