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Does China Walking Tractor Single-row Corn harvester product feature?

China Walking Tractor Single-row Corn harvester is a high-tech replacement product independently developed by Aike Co., Ltd. based on comprehensive analysis and absorbing the technical characteristics of similar products at home and abroad.

  1. This model is equipped with a 48 kW high-power brand-name engine with strong power;
  2. The gearbox has stepless speed change and hydraulic power steering, which is flexible and convenient to operate;
  3. The threshing mechanism of lengthening the drum, the concave screen and adding the residual back to the drum makes the degranulation more clean and thorough, and the grain loss rate is low;

4, double-layer adjustable shaking screen, double fan new cleaning mechanism, greatly improving the cleanliness of the operation;

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  1. The new extended crawler belt improves the passability of the paddy field;
  2. Use the vehicle unloading mechanism to reduce the time for unloading grain and improve work efficiency.

Dimensions 4868×2624×2720mm; structural type crawler type full feed T-symmetric structure; supporting power 48kw; working width 2200mm; feeding amount 2.5kg/s; threshing device type axial flow drum type; cleaning device type wind Screen combination.



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