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Do you find a China cheap grinding disc price?

The basic analysis of the grinding cutting piece with China cheap grinding disc price, the grinding disc is a fixed abrasive material which is fixed into a certain shape by a bonding agent (mostly circular, with a through hole in the center), and has a certain strength of the fixed abrasive. It is generally composed of abrasive, bonding agent and The composition of the pores, these three parts are often referred to as the three elements of the fixed abrasive. According to the different classification of the bonding agent, the common ceramic (bonding agent) grinding disc. Resin (bonding agent) grinding disc. Rubber (bonding agent) grinding disc.

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The grinding disc with China cheap grinding disc price is made of high-strength resin and the special special abrasive. They allow the linear speed to exceed 50 m/s, which is not easy to be brittle. The cutting is sharp, the cutting heat is very small, and the heat of the cutting piece sample is shallow, so as to maximize the Reduce interference. Grinding discs are widely used in machinery, automobiles, ships, metallurgy, chemical industry, etc., can also be used in a modern house. Factory iron decoration and equipment repair. Professional grinding general metal. Stainless steel. Broken fire steel. Tool steel construction metal Casting gray iron, hard cast iron metal.

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