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Direct multi-function mini corn harvester diesel corn harvester hand push corn harvester notes?

Direct multi-function mini corn harvester, diesel corn harvester, hand-pushing corn harvester, as the name suggests is the machine used for corn harvesting. For the safety of machines and people, it is necessary to master certain skills when harvesting corn. You introduce the precautions for using the corn harvester.

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  1. In the field operation of the unit, the lifting and lowering operation of the machine should be carried out by using the force adjustment hydraulic handle. When in the working state, the position should be adjusted in the force. This is mainly to ensure that the unit has a small range between the tractor and the machine during the operation. Relatively floating, in the moment of encountering ground unevenness and sudden changes in soil specific resistance, the up and down movement between the tractor and the implement can be varied within a range of 3-8 cm without damaging the implement.

Second, some rhizomes have high water content, very tender and brittle, easy to break and break, and have higher requirements for mechanized harvesting operations. Therefore, in the field operation, the driver’s control of the tractor should be as straight as possible and do not change the direction of advancement. To maintain a straight and stable straight line, the resistance centerline of the matching harvester in the operation should be at the center line of the tractor. The longitudinal axis of the harvester should be consistent with the direction of travel. Otherwise, a deflection torque will be generated, causing the harvester to sway from side to side. The center line of the advancement forms a curve exercise, which increases the working resistance of the unit and affects the work efficiency and the quality of the work



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