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Diamond grinding wheel application requirements

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The diamond grinding wheel is welded by a diamond cutter head or cold pressed on a metal substrate; the diamond cutter head is formed by natural industrial diamond and other base metal powder, cold pressed and hot pressed, and then welded to the metal matrix of the bowl shape. on. Diamond grinding wheels are usually installed in concrete sanders to grind concrete, granite, marble and other stone materials. Diamond wheels are available in different types and standards to suit different applications.7” cut off disc for metal They are commonly used to polish concrete, stone, as well as paints, glues, epoxies and other airborne coatings. Diamond cutter heads have different carcasses, different grain sizes and different diamond concentrations; carcasses can be divided into hard, medium, soft, etc.; granularity is coarse, medium, fine, etc.; so their quality and use are different. When we select the diamond grinding wheel, we can choose the appropriate one according to my use; for example, when we polish the hard air, we should choose the soft carcass grinding wheel; assuming a fairly soft air, we can choose to compare Compared to a hard carcass. Regarding fine grinding, we can also call it a throwing. We can choose hard tires and fine-grained grinding 7” cut off disc for metal

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