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Diamond cutting blade advantage and purchase knowledge

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An extraordinary chemical conversion film is formed on a stainless steel plate, and a nickel-cobalt diamond composite plating layer is deposited thereon to obtain a matrix-free 14 inches cutting disc. The feasibility study statement is to determine the cultivation project. The current work of decisive significance is to carry out a comprehensive scientific analysis of the proposed project before investing in the choice. The feasibility study in the investment management refers to the nature of the proposed project. Social, economic, and crafts, etc. conduct research, analyze and strive for social and economic benefits after completion. If the chips are diced, the pieces may be split when they are sharded, and the edges of the pieces are not tidy, and the shards cannot be slid. After the punching of the thickness of 100 μm or more to 00 μm, the profile grinding is performed.
The coating is separated from the substrate by a responsive thermal treatment, and a diamond-cut piece of a desired size can be obtained by stamping and shaping. The laser dicing is to illuminate the laser light on the silicon wafer profile, and the irradiated silicon is heated to a high temperature of 10000 ° C, and vaporized or melted in an instant to leave the silicon wafer trench, and then Separate along the trench (for example, using the Japanese electronics company sl. 412 laser dicing machine, for a single-mode temoo laser with 20khz q switch, average output power 6w, processing speed 150mm per second, the depth can be 70岬, slits with a width of 25tm). Therefore, although the laser dicing speed is very fast. However, equipment investment and maintenance costs are very high, and it is necessary to double scribe, and the products are not ideal. The silicon wafer is made of polycrystalline silicon by pulling a single crystal, and the single crystal silicon is a hard and brittle material, and the ductility is poor, so the cutting process easily presents processing defects. The German Golden Expo is also a member of the Quality and Peace Alliance, the German Grinding Products Association, and the European Grinding Manufacturers Association.
It collects a circular substrate and a high quality cutting disc supplier working belt placed on the peripheral end of the circular substrate. The center of the ultra-thin diamond diamond cutting blade is a thin metal disc carrier, and the periphery is covered with a diamond cutting abrasive ring. Therefore, abrasives have become a major part of the grinding process. In order to break up the engraved integrated circuit, it is necessary to use the dicing process to cut the device into a wire-welded package.

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