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Delegate & Automate Your Social Media Efforts by Erin Blaskie

Problem: There are hundreds of social networking / social media websites and being able to use them all effectively can be cumbersome.

Solution: You can outsource the setup of something called a “lifestream.” A lifestream will allow you to connect and hook up each of your social media accounts so that you are updating your audience in the most minimal way but getting the largest return on time.

Tips around delegating this task:

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  • Make sure that your accounts are setup properly. If you have set these up yourself, you may want to consider a social media assessment to make sure that before they are automated, you are using each effectively and properly.
  • Focus on the top three. You really only need to focus on the top three social networks for your target market / industry. For most entrepreneurs, those might be Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Remember that you control the volume of “noise.” You don’t have to lifestream or stream information out everywhere or all of the time. Find a balance for you and go with that. Let your team know how often you’d like to be updating your accounts.

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