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Defect Interpretation Of Rolled Hard Roll Steel Coil

Next, we will talk about the quality defects of the edge of China high quality rolled hard roll steel coil. These quality problems seem to be similar. They are all irregular in the edge of the steel coil, but in fact, there are solutions to each other.

  1. Fine rolling edge loss

Macro features: smooth damage.

Cause: The edge of the strip is in contact with the finishing guide wheel, the side guide plate, etc., causing severe friction and metal damage at the edge.

  1. Take up the edge loss

Macro features: the damage is not smooth.

Cause: The take-up side guide plate is pressed too tightly, or the side guide plate is damaged, and the edge of the strip is strongly rubbed with it, causing damage to the edge metal.

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  1. The fault of the layer

Macro features: different shapes and irregularities; located on both sides of China high quality rolled hard roll steel coil.

Cause: The steel coil or bale is in the process of lifting, the end face is scratched by the clamp, and the metal is damaged.

In short, for the edge damage defect, if the user has to trim the purchased steel coil, the impact will be small. The above defects, if conditions permit, can be sanded to reduce the degree of defects. China high quality rolled hard roll steel coil aiming at the high-end market, focusing on creating high-end hot-rolled products, and solving the hot-rolled edge defects is not a problem.

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