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Cutting dust removal equipment

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China cut off disc Grinding and dusting cleaning equipment can be roughly divided into two types, one is industrial vacuum cleaner, and the other is industrial dust collector. The grinding and dusting workbench is a type inside the dust collector, which can be collectively referred to as vacuuming equipment, all by inhaling. Perform dust removal. The development of industry has driven the rapid rise of the clean and environmental protection industry, and the environment has received more and more attention.
Industrial sites are different from commercial sites. I believe many people know that air purifiers can clean up the fine dust in the air and purify the air. Therefore, a large amount of dust will definitely be produced in industrial sites. The dust in the factory is generally exceeded. Especially in some polishing industries, most of them will float in the air and be stacked on the ground. Workers usually wear protective clothing and masks when they work, but fine dust is still easy to be inhaled into the respiratory tract. The air purifier is in The technical development of industrial dust collectors, the dust collector is born for dust.
Grinding and dust removal workbench is mostly used for polishing metal parts, stone cutting and polishing, plastic grinding, etc., to prevent sand from scattering and lining on the ground, avoiding dust cleaning and raising wage efficiency, so that dust can be cleaned from the source. Prominent problems and effective control of dust spots can reduce the pollution of dust to the environment, and also avoid the physical damage of dust to employees.

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