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Crusher Is Extremely Prominent in National Economy Development

Construction Waste Crusher refers to the grinding machine whose discharged material with granularity of over 3 mm occupies a share of more than 50 percent. In the production process, in accordance with the specific process, it can be distilled into coarse, medium and fine crushers. Since its emergence, the crusher has been the market ‘sweet pastry’, and up to now, it is already indispensable in national economy construction.

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In the metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement and other industries, each year, tons of raw and recycled materials need processing by the crusher. For instance, in cement plant, raw material must be broken to become clinker, and then will be ground into cement by grinding machine; in ore dressing plant, in order to realize monomer separation, crusher must be employed to gain the required size. In addition, in the chemical industry and power sector, the crushed and ground material is increased in the surface area, reducing chemical reaction time. And in the building and road construction industry, raw material must be crushed to meet the demand of the next process. With the rapid development of industry and dramatic decline of resources, waste recycling is very important in production of all sectors, in which crusher is obviously inseparable.

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