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I believe that to make thing happen in business today is to get unstuck. Most of us are waiting for the right time to move and it is not your fault that is how the system was built. In this sub-chapter I am gonna share some simple steps to get unstuck that you can that you can apply right now. Let’s take a look about what is really going on? There is a mind-set in the world that is very real that things need to be done a certain way and/or the right way. This is an old concept that has worked through out history and the world is changing so fast fuel by technology that this rarely applies anymore. I am assuming if you are reading this that you are a visionary and I am sure you would agree that now is the time that we shift the way that we do things. I have designed a three step business model to help you get unstuck that you can fill in the detials.

Deal with what is real. We have a strong need for people in the world that are both leaders and followers. People that are so confident that they are willing to be transparent and do what they need to do to learn the lesson now. This type of bravery is rare and it can be very painful but when done right the pain is temporary and well worth it. What is going on with your company? What are the lesson that you have been missing? Are you willing to do what it take to get your company on track?

Letting go. This is very hard in business because most of us learn business in school and the education system is built around not making mistakes. The sooner we deal with what is real we can catch the problem when it is small without trying to cover it up. We all hate letting go and I believe  it comes down to this the reason we let go is so we can attract something bigger and better. Just a couple months ago I forgot to renew my website that I had been branding for 2 years and for about a week I keep telling myself how stupid I was. About 10 days in the message sunk in and I knew it happen for a reason…What blocks are you aware of that you need to let go of? Can you think of a time in your life that you let go of something with positive results? How is that time similar to this one? How can you leverage that situation to take conscious action?

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Creating a new vision for todays world. If you are creating, changing or starting a new vision it is important that in is clear and it gives you the freedom to evolve. As time passed I became more and more clear that I needed to let go of my last site to attract something bigger and better. Although it was painful to let go of my old vision it was cruicial (neccessary pain) to help me stop and realize that I needed to evolve it. When it comes down to it my vision is the same vision, it is just more organically grounded and congruent with my purpose.

FYI because of the fast changing world lead by technology it is important now more than ever to act with emotional intelliegence. The information age is over and most the information that we need is just a google click away. For 99% of the companies the days of doing months and months or years and years of research before we take any action are prehistoric. The companies that are gonna reap the benefits in 2010 and beyond are the ones that act on their research.

Steve is a Visionary and Inspirational Speaker that is really starting to find his artistic expression in the world. He is a dreamer that loves to connect with water and waves while taking time to build community ventures and corporate projects. To collaborate with Steve or his team shoot him an e-mail at

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