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Count of silk yarn

The count of reeled <a href=” “> Gorgeous silk yarn </a> is based on denier, a unit of measurement used to arrive at the diameter of a strand of silk. One denier – 1 D = 1 gram weight which measures 9,000 metres of filament. Translated into the imperial system this is: 1D = 9,750 yd (or just over 5 miles) of silk filament weighing 1/28 of an ounce. A D 20/22 yarn is comprised of filaments from 8 cocoons which may be as thick as a hair from your head. A strand of silk from an average cocoon is 2-3 denier and barely discernible by the human eye.

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The count numbers describing reeled yarns are complex technicalities of trivial interest. The thickness and twist are the real important factors when embarking on a project. The best way to decide on the suitability of a yarn for our purposes is to look at a sample and the yardage it has. There are two kinds of thrown silk: organzine, which is tightly twisted and plied and used as warp; and tram, which is given only a slight twist and used as weft. These factors will help determine set and hand. Reeled silk that has any kind of twist added is called thrown silk.
Silk is one of the first types of animal fibers ever used by human beings. Through the long history silk is used by human being and bear the test of time. It is known as the natural fiber with excellent qualities. Silk is one of high quality natural fibers Consinee use and make high quality yarns blended with other fiber such as cashmere, cotton or chemical fibers. Pure silk yarns or silk blended yarns are suitable to make high grade scarf or spring summer garment.

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