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cost-effective portable crushing station good performance

The broken main function is to deal with the oversized stone semi-finished and finished material excess material at all levels , not only requires the ability to handle large-diameter stone , while the production of different requirements for the system to adjust the gradation of aggregate time . The broken equipment can choose counterattack portable crushing station, cone portable crushing station can also choose . Portable crushing station can be choose WL type , s type and GP type . s type and GP type are single cylinder hydraulic portable crushing station. Overall, products such as grain shape is better WL type is superior.

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Unmodified antecedents tooth plate wear quickly , Tracked mobile crushing station produce about three months on the need to replace the fixed, fixed jaw tooth plate each one , after the transformation of the tooth plate life extended to eight months or so , not only solved the tooth plate using large problems, but also greatly reduces the cost of production ; while each a replacement tooth plate required equipment parking about three hours , affecting the operation of the production line , production is also affected , after the transformation to improve the equipment operating time and equipment available starting rate , reduced maintenance time and improve the operational efficiency of production lines , improve the efficiency of enterprises .

Portable crushing station of superior performance , a lot of sand and gravel used in the system , and achieved successful application experience , but in the selection , configuration problem down process equipment. Due to the impact portable crushing station crushing ratio, after crushing grain shape is good for smaller abrasive limestone, has its unique advantages, especially larger size allows the feed , product particle size of less than 80mm. So choose three PF1315 impact portable crushing station as the broken equipment, greatly simplifying the process, equipment crushing ratio of 42 , the equipment load was 77% .

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