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construction waste crusher can turn waste into a treasure

Construction waste is composed of brick, stone, concrete, and scrap steel, iron wire, wire and other metal waste, etc of the mixture, the scrap metal can be manufactured into various specifications of steel, brick, stone, concrete, such as waste after crushing, can for sand, used for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, concrete pad, etc., can also be used for making brick, brick pavements, beautiful case, brick and other building materials products. Therefore, construction waste is the resource of misplacement, and construction waste recycling processing technology can turn it into a treasure.

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The construction waste crusher we have built is good news for the reprocessing of construction waste. Mobile crushing station mainly consists of crusher, feeding machine, vibrating screen, centralized electric control cabinet, belt machine and other components installed in the car, flexible and convenient. According to the processing conditions, can choose flexible wheeled mobile crushing plant or crawler mobile crusher, the crushing screening integration, with iron system, construction waste metal can be removed, the machining process and the fixed is roughly same, the only difference is that the integration of crushing screening conveying equipment, can realize automation of operation, high efficiency, covers an area of less, no secondary pollution, construction waste crushing into different degree of aggregate, reuse.

We produce mobile construction waste crusher to construction waste, waste will largely save the energy consumption of our country, not only to promote the development of the cause of environmental protection and more investors have brought considerable economic benefits.

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