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Step 1 Intention and Mood (creating the right mood not the perfect mood) REPEAT TO YOUR SELF I am attracting purposeful opportunities!!!

Step 2 Clear VISION- Having a clear vision why you are calling…What is your vision of a successful call? What result are you are creating?

Step 3 Taking Conscious Action- Taking Conscious Action- Conscious Action always leads to GOOD!!!

So many of us are going through life (including me) waiting to until we are ready. Over the years I have learned if we are waiting until we are ready we are never ready. Ask yourself, what am I ready for? What am I ready for that I am just not seeing? What conscious action should I take today to manifest my dreams? As these answers find you be inspired by their guidance as we take the neccessary steps…What’s the NEXT step? Letting GO of the last one.

Step 4 Rapport Mirror and Match- Learning this skill you can build rapport instantly it is important to play along.

Step 5 BELIEF-Believe they are expecting your call and you have something to offer that will make a difference in their life. Guiding your ideal clients through the decision making process.

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Step 6 Celebrate every conscious action- Celebrating every conscious action while moving forward towards progress.

For some reason I was unable to upload this step and I never did it again because I thought it happened for a reason. Maybe I was not willing to celebrate my life and successes at this time. What can you learn from this? Are you willing to celebrate your success?

Step 7 Opener vs. Closer – Be a sales opener building clients for life not a relationships closer.



Hello First Name? First Name? Last Name? This is <Insert Your Name> calling from <Your Company Name> and the reason I am calling is <insert VISION>. How does that sound? (wait for response)

If positive response, here are some example you may only need one.

  • When would be a good time to get together? (pause)
  • What days and times do you have available? (pause)
  • When do you usually take care of stuff like this? (pause)
  • Is this anything in particular that you want to cover? (pause)
  • Do you know anyone else that could benefit from being at this meeting? (pause)

If cold response don’t push ask a question, here are some example please use what feels comfortable.

  • Do you feel that you will be ready any time in the near future? (pause) When would you like me to follow up?
  • Is there someone else in your company that handles this? (pause) I would appreciate if you could refer me to them!
  • Have you ever worked with this type of product in the past? (pause) What was your challenge? (pause) I understand this is how we are different…We take this approach (speak from your heart) than go in for the open.
  • What do you think the next step is? (pause)

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