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Cone Crusher Safety User Guide

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Construction Waste Crusher Safety Precautions:

  • 1, there must be iron removal device to prevent the broken cavity over iron, if frequent over iron, it may cause broken shaft accident.
  • 2, to full load production, otherwise there will be too coarse product size
  • 3, Construction Waste Crusher in the work, the feed to be uniform, can not segregation. If the uneven feeding will appear to reduce production capacity, product size is too large, frequent spring action, bowl bearing pressure, power consumption increased.
  • 4, the oil should be replaced frequently, not too dirty, too dirty will accelerate the gear and bowl-shaped tile, sleeve and other wear and tear, and even the bush to death.
  • 5, the drive belt can not be too tight to install, otherwise it will cause the drive shaft rotation is not flexible or broken; can not be too loose, otherwise it will cause crushing machine boring car.
  • 6, the feed can not be too wet too sticky, fine particles can not be too much, nor too much, otherwise it will cause nausea. The broken ratio in the production line is reasonable, so as to maximize the efficiency of the crusher.
  • 7, the spring pressure can not be too tight, the pressure is too large will also occur off the shaft accident, the pressure is too small spring will be frequent beating, the impact of crusher normal work, and product size thicker….

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