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Complete definition of crushing equipment crushing ratio

primary particle size of the solid material is provided as D, after crushing or grinding machine crushed his material into a granule size d, the D / d = i this ratio is defined as material crushing ratio, that is Raymond Mill, after the material time After the crusher to reduce its size multiples. Usually we are talking crushing ratio refers to the average crushing ratio, that is around the average ratio and particle size of the crushed material degree change in particle size, which can be approximated to reflect the job situation machinery. In order to easily represent and compare the main features of crushing machinery, you can also use the maximum width of the crusher inlet and discharge opening width ratio of the maximum reduction ratio as the crusher, and called nominal broken ratio. The average crushing and public crusher crushing ratio compared to say, generally lower during the selection crusher concentrator should pay special attention to this point.

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each grinding machine can achieve the reduction ratio has a certain limit, crushing ratio crusher is generally between 3 to 30, broken than grinding machines up to 40 to 450, or more.
crushing ratio and unit power consumption is the basic technical and economic indicators grinding machine work. Broken than to illustrate features of the grinding process and identification of crushing mass Raymond Mill, the unit power consumption to determine whether grinding machinery of power consumption economy. If two crushing machinery unit power consumption the same, but different crushing ratio, the economic effect of these two crushing machinery is still not the same. Generally, a higher ratio of crushing equipment efficiency. Therefore, the efficiency in the identification crushing machinery, should also consider the unit power consumption and size reduction ratio.

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