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Color steel sheet installation steps

If you need to buy PPGI corrugated roofing sheet, you should first understand how to install color steel plates.

1. Fixed aluminum slot: Before fixing the aluminum slot, the wire must be positioned first. The deviation should not exceed 5mm. The slotted aluminum should be fixed with M5x30 core aluminum rivet, indirect not exceeding 300mm. Double rivets should be provided at the door opening position, and the interval should not exceed 50mm.

2. T-shaped lifting beam fixing: the lifting code is positioned along the position of the pay-off line, and the spacing is not more than 1.20m. When the T-shaped beam and the connecting cheap color corrugated steel sheet in stock is fixed, it must be pressed with angle aluminum or angle iron, no gap is left, and the solid must be in the Two color steel plates are connected above the seam.

3. Tuyere installation: the installation of the tuyere on the ceiling should be constructed according to the drawings, avoiding the T-beam. The row and return air outlets on the wall should be installed 200mm from the ground.

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4. Appearance requirements: the overall installation of China color-coated corrugated roofing sheet needs to be straight and beautiful, there must be no collision scratch marks, to the end to tear the protective film, the seam connection is flat, the seam spacing is 3-4mm, the glue should be full seam straight, not There are gaps.

5. There must be 3 drill-end screws for fixing between each top plate and the retaining plate. There is a pull-and-pin at the joint between the retaining plate and the vertical plate, which is fixed at the side of construction and the joint must be vertical.

6. Door and window installation: The installation position and the opening direction of the door and window are determined according to the requirements of the drawings. The single door should be placed on the same color steel plate as much as possible. The center line of the double door should be at the joint of the plate as much as possible so that the cut color steel plate can be used as the door panel, door, and window. The profile connection needs to be tight, there must be no gaps, and the overall door turn retention size must be uniform.

7. The inner and outer arc fixed: the connection with the color steel plate must be strict, the outer arc column is not connected, the inner arc connection point is not bad, the gap is strict.

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