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China grinding disc manufacturer talk about the use of grinding discs?

The grinding disc is a commonly used grinding equipment in the abrasive grinding industry. The use of the grinding disc makes the user’s production efficiency improvements and brings great convenience to the user. So what are the specific use cases of the grinding disc? Today China grinding disc manufacturer introduce you to:

(1) In the view of the Aurora, when the end of the grinding disc is large, the cutting is repeated back and forth, and the cutting width is large. The material to be cut is unnecessarily consumed, and the consumption of the grinding wheel is naturally large and has a great influence.

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(2) The more unbalanced, the greater the vibration during cutting, which tends to cause the grinding wheel to fall off and affect the strength. Effect of the material being cut on the cutting performance: As mentioned above, various abrasives are suitable for different materials to be cut, so different cut materials to have a great influence on the cutting performance. In general, when a material having a high tensile strength is cut, a corundum abrasive grain is used, and when a material having a small tensile strength is cut, silicon carbide abrasive is used.

Through the above introduction, I believe that many users have a certain understanding of the use of the grinding disc, so when you choose and purchase the grinding disc, you must choose the appropriate grinding disc according to your actual situation and use needs.



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