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China Electric Rice Milling Equipment Paddy Milling Machine Supplier ells about product maintenance?

After the rice milling machine of China’s electric rice milling equipment is not used, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance of the equipment to facilitate the next use, then what should be done when carrying out maintenance? Today, China Electric Rice Milling Equipment Paddy Milling Machine Supplier Aike to give you a summary.

Equipment maintenance method:

Check whether the running direction of the motor is consistent with the direction of the thresher before use, check whether the fasteners are loose, and assemble the tightness and parallelism of the V-belts.

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Lubricate all bearings in the product once a year.

Store the product in a dry, well-ventilated place after use.

Troubleshooting method

Unsaturated threshing: Adjust the angle of the stripping blade.

Corn cob card machine:

The belt is too loose: adjust the belt tightness.

The motor used is less powerful: replace the electric motor with a larger power

The outer diameter of the corn cob is too large: remove the threshing hood, add a gasket on the support rod screw before and after the threshing tube, and debug.


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