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CBN grinding wheels are important to the automotive industry

For a long time to come, the automobile industry has been developing at a relatively high speed as a pillar industry of the national economy. The abrasive industry will also play an important role in this opportunity, especially the contribution of CBN grinding wheels to the automotive industry.

In the process of using CBN grinding wheel, the abrasive particles are partially or completely detached from the grinding tool due to partial fragmentation of the abrasive particles or the breaking of the bonding agent, and the new cutting edge is continuously appeared on the abrasive surface of the grinding tool, or continuously A new sharp abrasive grain is exposed to allow the grinding tool to maintain cut off disc for stainless steel for a certain period of time. This self-sharpness of the abrasive tool is a prominent feature of the abrasive tool compared with the general tool.

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Particle size refers to the size of the abrasive particle size. The particle size is divided into two types: abrasive grains and fine powder. For abrasives with a large outer diameter grinding wheel of 40 μm, it is called abrasive particles. The classification is carried out by a screening method, and the particle size number is expressed by the number of perforations per inch of the screen through which the abrasive grains pass. An abrasive grain such as 60# indicates that it is just the size of a screen having a 60-hole per inch length. For abrasives with a particle size of less than 40 μm, it is called micropowder. The microscopic measurement was carried out, and the particle size number was represented by W and the following numerals, and the value after W represents the actual size of the fine powder. For example, W20 indicates that the actual size of the fine powder is 20 μm.

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