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Causes rupture of the the105*1.2*16 cutting disc?

Why is the 105*1.2*16 cutting disc suddenly broken when it is used? We all know that in the process of using the cutting piece in production and processing, we often find that the cutting piece is broken, which causes the cutting piece to be broken and cannot be used. This phenomenon occurs when the production is not standardized. Therefore, today Aurora comes to tell you what causes the crack of the 105*1.2*16 cutting disc?

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  1. The cutting piece is a poor quality product that does not reach the cutting speed of the cutting table.
  2. In addition, the cutting hole diameter and the cutting table shaft are not equipped, and there is large stress during assembly.
  3. When the hardness of the cutting piece is high, the radial torque force of the cutting piece will increase. Since the thickness of the cutting piece is usually less than 4mm, the cutting piece will be broken.
  4. When the cutting piece is unevenly organized, with the torque force, thermal stress, tremor and other factors of the cutting process, the stress will accumulate in the weak tissue, leading to cracking.
  5. When the cutting piece lacks toughness, since the grinding wheel is always in a negative pressure state during the cutting process, lateral stress is inevitably generated. When the cutting piece cannot resist the lateral force, the grinding wheel will be broken.

As can be seen from the above introduction, in the process of production, the details are not handled well, which will lead to this phenomenon. Once broken, it will be unusable, and it is also wasteful. Therefore, we must understand the factors that lead to this phenomenon, in the future. In the production process, special attention can be paid to reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.

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