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Brief introduction of ultrafine mill

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With an increasing demand for construction sand inside and outside China, the sand making plant is more and more popular among our customers. So we will give you a glance to the sand making plant.
Generally speaking, a complete ultrafine mill includes a jaw crusher, one or two impact crushers, a sand making machine or sand crushing machine, a vibrating screen, a vibrating feeder and several belt conveyors.
We just focus on some key products. Let’s start with the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher is usually the coarse crushing machine, which is used to crusher big rock bulks to smaller stones. The vibrating feeder ensures the smooth feeding process and the big outputs featured by the jaw crusher is definitely able to meet the requirement.
After the jaw crusher, these somewhat irregular cobblestones will enter the impact crusher for secondary crushing. The impact crusher will crusher these stones into relatively regular cobblestones due to its excellent reshaping function. After this step, the sand making machines can crush these cobblestones into qualified sand. The vibrating screen will classify these materials into two stockpiles: qualified and unqualified. The qualified sand can be stocked as finished produces while the unqualified one will be sent back to the crusher for re-crushing until they reach the standard.

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