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Breeds of angora goats

Belangora and Plymouth goats are two breeds that produce <a href=””> high quality mohair </a> and are widely raised. Now let us learn about these two kinds of angora goats.

Belangora is a french, hand combed angora that is imported from a breeder in france that harvests the angora humanely – it is softly combed off of the rabbits, and then spun. Their hair is extremely luxurious, the fibers are very long and the halo is just amazing.

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While the hair of Plymouth Angora is machine spun and dyed. The colors are vibrant, pure, and gorgeous and there is no tonality – just pure color and lusciously soft angora. They are widely used in making little shrugs and sweaters, and wonderful when combined with other fibers, like pure cashmere or merino.

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