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Best quality of impact crusher

At present portable jaw crusher , the majority of imitation, less developed, started earlier but do not develop fast, the product manufacturers alike. Although with the price advantage in the market sales volume occupies the advantage in technology, but the quality and the gap compared with foreign advanced level: the impact crusher wearing parts life in general than the foreign advanced products is low.

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There is a gap between the impact crusher with large foreign impact crusher . The 3, 4 paragraph impact crusher to 2 stage impact crusher direction, and close to the impact crusher and impact crusher .

In order to narrow the gap between the impact crusher technical level, should take the following measures: because the impact crusher is used in bad conditions, therefore is the key, and the service life of wearing parts so, machining process to the introduction of special material, can not stay in high chromium cast iron, the conventional high rock steel levels, such as hard alloy inlay, composite casting, ceramics etc..

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