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Beneficiation spiral classifier type models have what?

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Today we introduce a kind of processing machinery play a great role, uses a wide range of processing equipment Type: grader, also known as spiral classifier. The reason why it uses such equipment, large role in that both magnetic separation or flotation beneficiation beneficiation production line production line are standard equipment, it is generally and grinding equipment that is energy-saving ball mill Quarry Crusher, wet ball mill, cone ball mill etc. closed loop grading system, the metal beneficiation process pulp metallic particles wet classification can also be used in ore beneficiation Desliming dewatering operation, of course, the most important task is to pulp size grading, and together with the use of a ball mill.
Henan production grader has two series of four types: FG series classifier high weir and FC series sinking grader. High weir type and sinking both single screw and the double helix of the points, so that there are four types: single spiral classifier high weir double helix high weir spiral classifier and single sink and double spiral classifier sinking grader four.
for such processing equipment may not know who to ask friends, what is high weir type and sinking, there is no difference, what about the use of higher productivity, etc. Which questions, then check out this Article Vertical Roller Mill: high weir and sinking grader grader, after seeing believe your question will be resolved.
finish grading machine type, here to talk about the production model which has spiral classifier. FG series production of high weir classifier 12 models: Click spiral classifier parameter table!
where FG7.5 single spiral classifier is also the smallest model weighs 2.7 tons, the production capacity of 65 tons overflow / day, return sand 340-570 tons / day, screw diameter of 750mm, sink length 5500mm.
where 2FG30 type is a double spiral classifier high weir classifier is the largest series models, weight 46.8 tons, the production capacity of 1785 tons overflow / day, return sand 146000-23

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