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basic process of powder metallurgy

basic powder metallurgy process will be described step analysis. 1. Preparation of the raw material powder

. Conventional milling methods can be roughly divided into two categories: mechanical and physical and chemical Crusher Machine methods. The mechanical method can be divided into: mechanical pulverization and atomization; physico-chemical method is divided into: galvanic corrosion, reduction, of the legitimate reduction – of legal, vapor deposition, liquid-phase deposition method and electrolysis. Which is the most widely used is the reduction method, atomizing method and electrolysis.

2, formed into a powder compact of desired shape. The purpose is to obtain certain molding the shape and size of the compacts, and it has a certain density and strength. Molding and compression molding method is basically divided into non-pressure molding. The most widely used compression molding is molding.

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3, the sintered compacts. Sintering is a key step in powder metallurgy process. Molded compacts by sintering it to obtain the desired final physical and mechanical properties. Sintering is divided into units and multi-sintered sintered. For the cell-based and multi-line solid phase sintering, sintering temperature lower than the melting point of metals Quarry Crusher and alloys used; for multi-component system of liquid phase sintering, sintering temperature is generally lower than the melting point of the meltable components which is difficult, but higher than the fusible component melting point. In addition to ordinary sintering, there are loose sintering, melting leaching, hot pressing and other special sintering process.

4, subsequent treatment products. After the sintering process, according to different product requirements, take a variety of ways. Such as finishing, oil-soaked, machining, heat treatment and plating. In recent years a number of new processes such as rolling, forging material also used in processing powder metallurgy sintered to obtain better results.

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