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Ball mill grinding to achieve efficient operation must be fitted with feeder

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mill cylinder body material generally have to rely on all the ore is transported to the inside Raymond Mill, so to mine is the impact on the ball mill efficiency of mining operations is huge, efficient ball mill grinding operation must be fitted to the feeder, the paper we will mill ore in the form used to make a presentation.
currently the industry’s most common form of ore mill is to have three types: drum feeder, snail-shaped feeder and joint feeder, drum feeders which feed only at a position higher than the axis horizontal mill the case, generally used in the open (or dry) ball.
feeder can scroll the slurry from below the axis of the local scoop up a ball mill, into a ball mill. Therefore, the general composition in a ball mill and classifier closed the second paragraph of grinding, the choice of this feeder. Joint feeder can be the raw material and grading machine at the same time to feed back into the ball mill, the feeder biggest advantage is: bulk materials may be used without scroll spoon feed trough directly into the ball mill, a time when the ball diameter Application is greater than 3200mm double spoon joint feeder Raymond Mill.
ball choose the right feeder must be based on actual grinding needs, here we can not give what kind of feeder is best, because they are different, they can play to their strengths in different applications. Friends who are interested can contact on a ball mill configuration method feeder tips, feel free to phone

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