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Avoid these 9 things – Yoga

Practice is incorrect

It is easy to get hurt without being in the right position. This is easy for everyone to understand. For example, when bending backwards, shrugging shoulders, standing knees and stretching.

Have not warming up before practice

Do not warm up before yoga practice. When you practice, you will bend your back and bend your muscles and joints. Especially in winter, the weather is cold. If you don’t warm up, you will get hurt in minutes!

High-intensity practice with high difficulty over body load

Yoga beginners must understand their physical condition. At the beginning, do not practice yoga in a difficult manner that exceeds your body load. Do not practice high-intensity exercises. You must gradually increase the difficulty and intensity according to your physical fitness.

Breathing during practice

Yoga beginners will not breathe. When practicing, they will be prone to suffocation and anger. They will cause dizziness and fatigue. Therefore, yoga beginners must keep their focus while practicing yoga, not only in style, but also in breathing. Don’t hold your breath, keep up with the teacher’s breathing rhythm, and keep breathing naturally.

Comparison, radical, love performance, arrogance

Some yoga beginners, especially love to compare, see others’ styles are better than themselves, they are not willing, more than her, radical yoga, and some yoga beginners, after learning some asanas, they love performance very much. I can’t do it myself, I like to go to the power, my heart is full of anger, I can’t wait to eat a fat man, and become a master in a month or two, causing harm. Therefore, as a beginner of yoga, if you find yourself showing signs of this, please adjust your mindset.

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Eat too much or drink too much water before class

Generally speaking, do not eat too much water 2 hours before class or drink too much water before practice. When the stomach has a burden, it is unfavorable to do a lot of postures. If you are hungry or have low blood sugar, you can drink some glucose or chocolate half an hour before the practice. Otherwise, if you are too hungry or have low blood sugar, you will be dizzy and black when you get up. It is very dangerous.

Air conditioning practice

Can not open air conditioning, can not open air conditioning, can not open air conditioning to practice yoga, important things say 3 times! Open air-conditioning exercises, it is easy to cause a sudden “cold shrinkage” of various tissues and organs of the body, not only easy to get cold, but also cause various discomforts.

Practice and stop, do not practice for a long time, practice and overload

In real life, there are many friends who have disappeared for a few months, and then suddenly appear. One is a whole day, overloaded practice, but the body needs an adaptation period. People who have not practiced for a long time suddenly become mad. How can you not get hurt?

Do not follow the teacher or teacher wrong guidance

In real life, there are some very good teachers who may not do very well. Some students think that the teacher’s style is not good. They think that the teacher is not as good as himself, and the teacher’s practice suggestions are ignored. It is also one of the causes of injury. Once you have filled up your basket with lots of lovely goods from Simply Gym, never forget to use this discount code to get your money off.

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