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Automatic Hay Round Baler Grass Straw Silage Baler and Packing Machine Advantage?

Automatic Hay Round Baler Grass Straw Silage Baler and Packing Machine is suitable for sawdust, shavings, rice husk, cottonseed hull, peanut shell, corn cob, hay, mineral wool, etc. Peanut meal, soybean meal, sweet potato, wheat straw, straw, natural grass, Leymus, alkali grass, green hay, cereal grass, bread grass, rough, fine and so on. This horizontal special bagging machine is a one-time completion of the compression bag, which reduces waste storage space, saves up to 80% of the stacking space, reduces transportation costs, and is environmentally friendly and waste recycling.

Packer advantages:

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  1. Applicable to the packaging of compressed materials in bulk materials that cannot be bundled.
  2. 2. The speed of the package can reach 40-100 bags/hour, high efficiency.
  3. The compressed object is easy to take out and is used for environmental protection building materials, farmland fertilizer, mushroom cultivation, animal feed, etc.
  4. PLC program, electric button control, the one-button operation is completed, one-time completion of block compression.
  5. Before the bag out, you need to manually pack the bag on the discharge port.
  6. Increasing the material controller allows the machine to automatically start compression, manual feeding or conveyor automatic feeding, higher automation, and labor saving.
  7. 7. The block size, the voltage can be customized according to the customer’s reasonable requirements, depending on the material, the weight of the block is also different.
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