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Audition Reel-various artists-Rachel Maxann


Rachel Maxann, an emerging L.A. artiste who hails from Ohio, mixes magic and dance, and of course, is available for private performances. Having recently released a new EP she single-handily wrote, Rachel have been aggressively making the rounds within the entertainment circle, while hooking up with few bands, namely EGT and Lady Low, who is currently in an EDM project with Oracles.


Not only does she an emerging performer, but Rachel is an awesome guitar and keyboard player, who also sings beautifully. In fact, Rachel has been singing and playing since she can remember.

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Rachel singing repertoire includes rock, funk, blues and soul. However, when she pens her own work, it often turns into a tribal folklore.

Rachel, who studied psychology in college, says her work represents her struggle with purpose. Essentially, her work is a means to helping her lift herself out of the crushing feeling of being lost in a new city, and within myself.

Most importantly, Rachel considers herself a flow artist, who hoop stress dancing in the name of love. She simply loves mixing magic and dance, something she says was designed to transport the audience to another plan of entertainment.

For further information, contact Rachel at Connect With Rachel CLICK HERE!!!

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