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Assembly of Raymond Mill matters needing attention

Assembly of Raymond mill is to repair the elves have parts and other qualified parts, assembled in accordance with the requirements of the assembly process planning, and achieved it required precision and performance of the whole process of action. Assembly is an important link of flour mill repair. The assembly work is good or bad, on the performance of flour mill, repair period and repair cost plays a very important role.
The assembly includes assembly, the Ministry of equipment and assembly. Assembly sequence is first assembly, parts assembly, finally is the general assembly. Well well prepared, the correct choice and two basic requirements repair assembly is to keep the assembly process planning.

The composition of various types of machinery and equipment parts of
raymond mill equipment can be roughly divided into two broad category is the standard army components, such as axle, gear, bearing, bond, pins, bolts, which are the main components, and the number of many; another kind is non standard parts and special parts, their number. Discuss prison parts assembly mainly refers to the standard parts assembly.

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The assembly accuracy and assembling method:

A draft, the assembly of To ensure the accuracy of assembly is the fundamental task of assembly work. The assembly accuracy refers to the degree of compliance with the technical specifications, quality and after assembly generally includes: the assembly accuracy, precision, position precision distance, relative kinematic accuracy and contact precision. The assembly precision is guaranteed by the assembly process.

The main factors influencing the assembly accuracy is:

1) the part itself processing, repair quality;
2) selection and processing quality of the assembly process 5.
3) adjustment and quality inspection after assembly. I said that the ship, high precision parts, the assembly precision is high; and the actual production shows that, even if the parts precision is high, if the assembly process is not reasonable, up to the assembly precision * high therefore, the study on the relationship between the accuracy of parts and precision assembly, is necessary for developing assembly process in repair.
Two, the assembly method Raymond Mill in repair. The method to obtain the assembly precision of the predetermined three main thrust: i.e. swap method, adjustment method and repair method. The general assembly repair, small quantities, so the adjustment of cleaning and repair method for fixed-point assembly mode of production. But should see, with the development of industrial technology, manufacturing high precision parts have not become difficult, swap method assembly is the trend.

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