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1% to change – If even one percent of the population – posted their ideas in one day, you’d have enough information to fill a book of world solutions. If we have 10,000 people giving 1% of thier gifts to a solution that is 10,000%…There are two many example all around us of people getting together in small and larger  groups all giving 110% for things that ultimately never happen.

Grood Good+ Greed= GROOD…Greed is in all of us it is a human condition…How about if we do so much good we receive wealth BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS.

2nd Chapter and Beyond ” A Simple Guide to Making a Difference: Making the world a better place by being YOU.” by Stephen T. Jones is the first chapter and the rest is blogged. Since it is a blog you can contribute your inspired articles, video’s, pictures and audio as we write a book with the world.

Mentors and Friends (MF’ers)These are people from all walks of life that are leaders and followers coming together to co-create sustainable solutions.

Meshing– When the right team of 2 or more come together each doing their part trusting each other for a greater goal and/or intention.– “it is a virtual living room where we all can organically express ourselves.” Nina Hilario

Proactivist = Progress + Activistism…I am not against activism learning from history has shown that sustainable activism always ends in violence. By taking the anger of activism and the love of progress with can build a deep compassion to create a better world.

Sub-Chapter– Every post added on is a sub-chapter some good, some great and some not so good.  Since this viral book is written online, every author can add things that are not available in conventional books such as videos, audio, pictures, art, poetry and articles.


  1. Your glossary of 5 terms looks great. Keep it up the good work. It is appreciated

  2. Hampers, Thanks for checking in please spread the word as we grow this blog. Please lets us know what you would like on this blog in the near future.

  3. I have walked in the shoes of so many people within the chosen pathway of my life, so many “life’s experiences” and an attitude of my “glass being half full” no matter the circumstances. I am excited to contribute my take and to form a growing network of folks who believe in “Paying it Forward”, with their ideas, inputs, solutions and connections.

    One never knows when something someone says or believes will change the world of someone else.

    An exciting venture for sure….

    Marty Hermes, Safety Harbor FL

  4. Thanks so much Marty I am looking forward to your ideas and contributions.

  5. Can’t wait to read more..

  6. I’m still learning from you, but I’m trying to reach my goals and maybe one day help contribute to this story.

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