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Are you willing to admit you have an BIG ASS FEAR?

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Are you willing to deal with your BIG ASS FEAR? At 40 in a moment sitting in front of a Starbucks I discovered my BIG ASS FEAR. I believe in order to truly live our purpose and find our destiny we must embrace, confront and find meaning by fully discovering our BIG ASS FEAR. Do you have a BIG ASS FEAR? When I discovered my BIG ASS FEAR I learned how it was a gift and a curse that sub-consciously poked it head in 95% of my decisions. Logically I can’t see one reason for my BIG ASS FEAR but it has kept me from getting into trouble for most of my life. On the other hand it was also the reason why I was always so close to getting into trouble. Are you willing to confront your BIG ASS FEAR? Are you willing to admit you have an BIG ASS FEAR? Are you willing to be brave effort to put your BIG ASS FEAR in front of you? Are you willing to see how this has has effected your Past, Present and is effecting your future? Right Now surrender to your BIG ASS FEAR make eye contact, taste it, touch it, discover it but don’t kill it you will need it from time to time.

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