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Animal feed silage cutting machine crop straw crusher supplier tells about product features?

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Animal feed silage cutting machine Crop straw crusher paper is now widely used in agricultural cutting grass production, and the equipment is very popular with users because of its unique performance, then what are the product characteristics of the equipment? Today, Animal Fodder Silage Cutter Crop Straw Crusher Supplier Aike to tell everyone about it.
1. Equipped with consumables. Protective screws and blades should be equipped with grass to avoid delays in working hours.
2. Adjustment of the number of ropes. Adjusted to the big wheel, the number of ropes is more, 10 ropes; transferred to the small wheel, the number of turns is less, 7 ropes.
3. During the process of picking up the grass, the driving speed of the power machine can be slightly faster. When the small four wheels are driven, the 2-speed gear is suitable.
4. The connection between the host and the baler. The limit arm should be connected properly. If it is too loose, it will not be able to bend. The limit arm can easily grind the rear tire of the main machine. The swing amplitude is too large, and it is easy to cause damage to its own parts. It is too tight and the corner angle is increased. It is also easy to ruin the grass when the ground is turned.
5. The adjustment of the bales is easy to disperse. When the wheat section has a large humidity, it is easy to pick up and bundle, and the low-density hole can be adjusted. When the wheat section is dry and fragile, it is difficult to pick up the feed, and the density hole should be adjusted. It is also possible to bundle the straw by adjusting the number of turns of the rope. Dry wheat straw, increase the number of turns, wet wheat straw, reduce the number of turns.
After the baler and the power machine are equipped, drive to the harvested wheat field, check whether the power of the power machine is in good contact with the baler, then start, pick up, bundle, hear the alarm, stop, increase The throttle allows the baler to quickly bundle and tie the rope. When the sound of the rope is cut, the rope is slightly pulled, the back cover of the baler is picked up, the ball is dropped, and the bale is discharged before the next pick. Grass, baling.

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