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Angle cutting sheet use

Angle cutting piece use diamond resin grinding wheel use:
1. The China cutting disc for metal can be selected according to the product model. For the purpose of the angular cutting piece, the angular cutting piece can be rotated at a high speed during use, and the metal or non-metal workpiece can be ground, grooved and cut.
The angular cutting piece is very single. However, according to the abrasive used, it can be divided into ordinary abrasives and natural grinding wheels; according to the shape, it can be divided into flat shape, oblique side, cylindrical shape, cup shape, dish shape and the like.
According to the binding agent can be divided into equal.
The angle-cut piece is a nylon product with a wide range of economical applications. The secondary use range is decorative grain treatment, cleaning, metal polishing, deburring, and is commonly used in the treatment of straps, watch cases, metal instruments, Stainless steel doors and windows, kitchen utensils disposal; golf clubs, ball heads; stainless steel pipe fittings; door handles and other metal parts polishing.
Grinding head device design
Abrasive belt grinding performance depends on the design, manufacture and process level of the belt grinding equipment. The low price disc for metal is the key to affect the grinding process and processing efficiency in the equipment. The general grinding head is composed of the main parts such as the contact wheel and the abrasive belt.
First of all, the following figure is used to understand the type of belt grinding head and the type of grinding wheel for general use of modern work. The main equipments of the grinding machine corresponding to the CNC belt grinding head are: tension wheel, contact wheel, drive wheel, motor and other accessories. The belt is attached to the three wheels, and the entire grinding head device is equivalent to a flat belt rotating equipment. The entire equipment starts to run by rotating the motor and driving the grinding wheel. This leads to a more suitable solution. As can be seen from the previous figures, the entire equipment consists of a belt frame, a belt pulley, a drive and other accessories. The belt drive is made of high-hardness steel plates, and the belt pulleys are combined by a drive wheel guide wheel. The driving wheel has a guiding groove, and the starting belt guide can stop the vibration of the belt. The outer arc of the guide wheel acts as a centrifugal force to prevent the belt from vibrating. The tension wheel adopts the internal hydraulic method, which reduces the wear caused by the contact with the abrasive belt grinding surface, minimizes the wear and is more efficient. The grinding wheel is a tough grinding wheel that acts as a centering effect by pressing a layer of oil-resistant rubber on the outer circumference of the grinding wheel.

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