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Analyzing the Importance of Raymond Mill Operations

Strongly recommends our company’s Raymond mill to our customer. We believe that it will play an important role in the dressing plant and cement powder industry.

Ore grinding is the continuation of broken process; its purpose is to make the ore with a variety of useful mineral grains that are closely integrated and symbiotic reach monomer separation. And make its viscosity meet the requirement of sorting operation.

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The position of grinding operation in dressing plant is very important, because the effect of grinding directly affect the concentrate grade and metal recovery. If the particle size of grinding mineral is too large, useful mineral particle can’t all or most achieve monomer dissociation which will affects the concentrate grade and metal recovery. However, it would generate a lot of fine mud if grind excessively, which will not only deteriorates the sorting process, but also affects the normal conduct of the concentrate dewatering operations. Therefore, the grinding operation must provide the most suitable product size for sorting operation. The Raymond mill is commonly used equipment in grinding operation, which plays a prominent role in the mineral processing industry.

The grinding work of Raymond mill directly affects the quality of concentrates and the metal recovery. The power consumption and material consumption are the main conception of the whole plant, the maintenance and repair costs are also higher. The production capacity of the dressing plant was directly determined by the capacity of grinding production. Therefore, the grinding operation is the top priority of the dressing plant.

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