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Analysis of construction waste recycling plant

How to deal with urban construction waste? Construction waste crusher has an important role in the recycling plant. With the acceleration of urbanization process, the number of urban construction waste is increasing rapidly. People enjoy the city civilization at the same time, also brought in by city garbage troubles, which occupies a large proportion of construction waste, garbage accounted for about 30%~40% of the total, so how to handle and use more and more construction waste, has become an important topic for all government departments and construction waste disposal unit faced.

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Construction waste is mainly from: 1, in the building of new process; 2, in the process of building maintenance in production; 3, in the reconstruction project in the removal of the original building; effect of external factors, 4 earthquakes, floods, war and other irresistible under. Construction waste is mainly composed of soil, sediment, scattered mortar and concrete block, broken brick, wood, metal, asphalt, bamboo decoration waste, all kinds of packaging materials and other wastes and other components, including concrete, brick, mortar, and other packaging materials accounted for about 80% of the total amount of construction waste.

At present, China’s construction waste disposal method is generally divided into two categories: category is new construction waste sites, construction waste landfill or dumping to the fixed place; the second is the construction waste recycling, the use of construction waste recycling equipment construction waste crushing, processing can be again used building materials. In the long run, the recycling of construction waste is a relatively environmentally friendly way to deal with construction waste.

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