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Additional ball mill

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additional ball mill Ball is a very important routine maintenance work Portable Crusher, so dressing enterprises in the ball of the ball must be supplemented with due diligence. Overall, a ball mill ball supplemented must strictly follow the relevant rules, additional ball mill should pay attention to what factors? Here we will focus on this issue.
additional ball mill grinding unit amount is based on components of the ore-consuming to determine the amount of material ball balls plus the amount, usually supplemented with some additional classes once per shift, every day some additional time. However, this approach can not be enough to guarantee a constant proportion of ball bearing, ball bearing the same proportion in order to ensure, through the production of theoretical exploration should obtain the following material: additional species and diameter of the ball, each supplemented with additional goals in all Ball percentages component, calculated according to the formula of grinding ball size characteristics after even the value of each additional level of intensity characteristics of the ball. After more than grasp the material, but also to further modify the elements associated with the production of practice to perfect. first of all to deal with a ball mill ball when
additional three issues, namely, plus much ball, and second, how much needs to add the ball, the third is how to add. Methods for dealing with these three issues, a lot of experience concentrator cement plant are: additional ball mill ball diameter is the maximum diameter of the ball into the ball. For example, a ball mill was charged with four kinds of 120mm 80mm 60mm 40mm ball Quarry Crusher, supplemented diameter of balls is 120mm, without other balls.
additional ball mill operation requires a very rich experience, there will inevitably be a variety of problems when additional ball mill equipment for unfamiliar customers making. But please do not worry, encounter problems contact 24 hour free service hotline

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